Services for your home

When we’re privileged to provide service to your home, we start by listening to you – your concerns, your needs, your goals. Understanding is the best way we can create the solutions for your ideal home comfort and peace of mind.


New construction, adding new capabilities
Whatever your home’s size, configuration or unique features, Elite Air Systems can analyze the situation and recommend solutions for your specific situation. We provide professional, no-hassle installation backed by our personal assurance. Whether it’s your brand-new home construction, the addition of air conditioning to your existing home, or any other installation needs, we get it done.

Retrofit or replacement

Improvements and upgrades
With our experience in the whole range of HVAC configurations, we can help you upgrade or improve to peak efficiency even in vintage, older and historic homes. Maybe that means an all new, state-of-the-art heating or cooling system. Or it could be retrofitting your existing system up to specifications, or adding smart controls that make your life easier and more comfortable. Elite Air Systems will develop and implement the best solutions for you.

On-call service

We’re there when you need us! Call (406) 388-4040 for service. No matter what your current setup, Elite Air Systems delivers our signature honest service. And we won’t charge you until the problem is solved.


Keeping things clean, quiet and running smoothly is essential for prolonging the life of your equipment and saving money on emergency calls. But it’s also a warranty issue. In some cases, lack of regular maintenance or cleaning may void parts of your warranty.

Consider our maintenance contract option to get scheduled inspections and service that work for your budget. Sign up, and we’ll take care of the rest.